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École Peter Greer Elementary
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Who We Are

Welcome to Ecole Peter Greer Elementary School. Our school is nestled in the rolling hills of Lake Country overlooking farmlands and the beautiful vistas of the Okanagan Valley. Designed in 1992, the building has a modern and spacious layout that allows for open work spaces and individual classroom areas. The entrance foyer, the library and the much-loved aquarium are at the central core of the school and extend a warm welcome to all who enter. Ecole Peter Greer School is a K-6 dual-track (English and French Immersion) school with an enrollment of approximately 477 as of January 2020.  

We have 21 divisions (14 in English and 7 in French),  and 23 classroom teachers (2 job shares), 13  teachers who provide support (Teacher-Librarian, Learning Assistance, Prep,  Special Needs Resource Teacher, Indigenous Advocates, and a Youth Support Worker), 16 Certified Education Assistants,  3 Clerical Staff, 3 Custodians, and a Vice Principal and Principal.

We have a diverse population at PGE.  We have 81 Indigenous students,  19 students designated on the Autism Spectrum, 2 Gifted students, 8 students with a Learning Disability, 2 students with a Mild Intellectual Disability,  9 students in need of Behavior Support,  4 students designated Physical Disability or Chronic Health, 1 student designated hard of hearing/deaf, and 17 English Language Learners.  We have about 15 students on our breakfast/brown bag lunch program.  

There are 160 students in French Immersion and 307 in English.After Grade 6, students in the English program will transition to George Elliot Senior Secondary and those in the French Immersion program will attend Dr. Knox Middle School. Teachers, support staff, parents and administration at Ecole Peter Greer School are a very dedicated, professional and cohesive group. We encourage you to come and pay us a visit!